Engineering Comittee

Chair: David Bradley

The Engineering Committee assembles information on developments in the wind industry, local wind resources, suitable potential turbine locations, the potential value of this technology to the region, and related topics.

Reports relevant to wind energy in WNY:

The existing wind data from NOAA, the Buffalo Coast Guard Station and NYSERDA (including the New York Wind Map) indicates that commercially viable wind speeds exist in this area, especially along the Lake Erie shoreline, where most of the data has been obtained.

Most (over 80 %) of the “power winds” in this area are from a southwest to west direction (see the “wind rose” for the Buffalo Coast Guard Station location and a “Detail Sheet“).

Wind Turbines:Technology Fundamentals describes modern wind turbines very nicely and succinctly, and it beats having to read a 500 page book on the subject. It is, by the way, written by the author of a 400 to 500 page book on wind turbines.