Legal Committee

Robert Berger, Esq.
Chair, Legal Committee

Also present in photo: Bob Knore, Antoine Thompson and Dwight Kanyuck.

Photo by: Douglas Levere, University at Buffalo

Reports from the Legal Committee, prepared by the UB Environment and Development Law Clinic:

The legal committee is focused on issues relating to the siting process. These include the New York SEQRA process, local zoning statutes and regulations as well as relevant adopted local plans.

These will be considered in an urban context of New York State and particularly the City of Buffalo. Both utility scale and demonstration scale projects will be analyzed.

Disclaimer: The content of the legal portion of the Wind Action Group website has been prepared by members of the Wind Action Group for information purposes only. This information does not constitute legal advice. The information and posting on this website is not meant to, nor does it create or constitute, a lawyer-client relationship. Readers should not act upon the information without seeking specific professional advice as appropriate. Reasonable efforts have been undertaken to insure the accuracy of the information. However, the Wind Action Group does not warrant or imply that the information has been verified and is accurate.

The Legal Committee has prepared a trio of reports to help in understanding the wind turbine siting process. City of Buffalo Permitting Requirements for Wind Turbines, by Adam Rizzo, which examines the City’s process, including site plan review and restricted use permits. Yulann Yu gives an overview of the environmental review process as it exists in New York State, and reviews how SEQRA has been applied at wind development projects to date. A Comprehensive Wind Siting Ordiance in an Urban Setting, by Andrew Montroy, examines the issues that need to be addressed in an urban wind ordinance.

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