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Go Green – How to Buy Green Power

Niagara Mohawk (NiMo) and New York State Electric and Gas (NYSEG) customers can now buy green power for their homes. This electrical power can come from wind energy, hydro, biomass or landfill gas .

  • Wind turbines produce no pollutants, and have minimal impact on bird populations when properly sited.
  • Hydroelectric green power comes from small existing dams which generally have limited environmental impacts.
  • Biomass is organic material which is burned in boilers to produce electricity
    and can be environmentally friendly if certain criteria are met.
  • Landfill gas used to generate electricity is considered “green” because this process prevents unburned methane from entering the atmosphere (where it would contribute to global warming) and displaces fossil fuels.

Wind, hydro, and biomass are examples of renewable energy, all ultimately powered by the sun.

NiMo customers can purchase green power from three companies — Community EnergyGreen Mountain Energy, and Sterling Planet; and two non-profit organizations — the Energy Cooperative of New York and the New York Public Interest Research Group(NYPIRG).

NYSEG customers interested in buying green power can buy 100% wind power from Community Energy or NYPIRG.

These green power companies and organizations sell different green power products at different prices. NYPIRG sells only 100% wind. Community Energy sells 100% wind as well as a wind/hydro product. Green Mountain Energy sells a wind/hydro product.Sterling Planet sells three products with mixes of wind, hydro and biomass/landfill gas. The Energy Cooperative sells a landfill gas/wind product. Wind energy is the cleanest option and the resource most likely to be further developed in New York if residential and business electric customers buy wind power.

Green power costs a little more than conventional electricity, ranging from little less than a penny to 2.5 cents per kilowatt hour extra – depending on the product and company you chose. It’s a small price to pay to kick the coal and nuclear habit and begin supporting the clean energy technologies of the future!

Interested in knowing more about Green Power?  UB Green’s Green Power Buyer’s Guide  – The Buyers Guide has all you need to know to make a decision about green power and contact the supplier best able to meet your needs.

The “WNY Green Power is Clean Power” effort is supported by:

Amherst Conservation Advisory Council
Buffalo Audubon Society
Buffalo Environmental Management Commission
Clean Communities of WNY
Environmental Advocates of New York
Erie County Environmental Management Council
Great Lakes United
League of Women Voters
Natural Resources Defense Council
Northeast Sustainable Energy Association
Sierra Club Niagara Group
UB Environment & Society Institute
UB Green Office
Wind Action Group
WNY Energy Smart Communities
WNY Sustainable Energy Association